The ‘Iron Maiden’ Crushes A 21-foot Boat

Cabin Cruiser

Doomsday Preppers ‘Fortress At Sea’ – Iron Maiden Crushes 21ft Boat

This is an excerpt (B-Roll) from the full episode Doomsday Preppers; Season 2 – Episode 15 (March 2013).  In the picture above is a fiberglass reinforced commercial fishing boat (21-foot), which weighs about 2,000 pounds. When the 90-ton ‘Iron Maiden’ (coming into frame shortly) hits this cabin cruiser at 12 mph, it didn’t even rattle the dishes in the galley…. the reinforced 3/8 inch steel bow of the Iron Maiden cuts through this boat like a graham cracker.  In bow and stern of the Iron Maiden are 1/2 thick steel collision bulkheads; this provides nearly a full inch of steel plate between the outside of the hull and the inside of the hull in these areas.The Iron Maiden was built to ~200% of specs on her hull and decks, so she’s literally twice as strong as most 70-foot steel boats her size, and she’s also much heavier, which is a real blessing at sea in big seas and heavy weather… she’s as sailors say ‘sea kindly’. More about the Iron Maiden here:

Check out the full episode!  Cheers! Capt. Bill




Ready, Set, Prep Summit 2013

Greetings Everyone!

I just returned from Dallas, TX where I attended the Ready, Set, Prep Summit with 20 other experts representing a host of prepping specialties. Over the course of two days (March 20, 21), a great deal of information and ideas were shared along with classes and lectures for authors, bloggers, and other experts in the Emergency Preparedness Industry… Continue reading