Consulting Services

Capt. Bill is available on a very limited basis to provide personal confidential consulting services with regard to maritime or terrestrial prepping and equipment.

Capt. Bill and his team have extensive field experience with: Solar and wind generation systems and commercial deep cycle storage cells; Commercial grade water desalination, filtration, storage and purification systems; water and sanitation systems; Air filtration and ventilation systems; Food provisioning and storage; Surveillance and counter-Surveillance systems; Communications (HF, VHF, UHF/Satellite) and Navigation Systems; Defensive systems and tactics.

 Confidential Prepper Consulting Services Offered:

Vessel location and acquisitions: Over the decades, Capt. Bill has developed an extensive network of contacts in the maritime industry. Using his experience and his contacts, he is able to locate and assist with boat and ship acquisitions, with a special eye for vessels that can meet any challenge.

 Complete ‘Turn-Key’ Prepper Vessel Solutions:

Capt. Bill is available on a very limited contract basis to: Locate, acquire, deliver and fully equip and prepare a vessel for a custom Prepper application. Under such a contract, the parties will execute a confidential agreement (contains an OPSEC clause) for the acquisition and customization of a selected vessel that will meet the objectives of the client. Capt. Bill will be personally involved in the project with his A-Team of specialists, who are also fully background-checked and legally bound under the terms of the contract. This is a very time intensive operation, and therefore, Capt. Bill is very limited in the number of projects that he can engage-in, and oversee in any given time frame, and even though he would like to help everyone, the reality is that he may only accept client project proposals on a first-come first-serve basis.

 Vessel Surveys: 

Capt. Bill doesn’t do insurance surveys. Instead, he can evaluate a new or used vessel from the standpoint of an experienced Merchant Marine Officer and licensed captain who is an expert in systems, mechanics, electronics and vessel construction for use as a Prepper platform. If you already own a vessel and are considering making it prep-ready, Capt. Bill can provide an inspection for that purpose, and provide a detailed list of existing issues that need attention with specific recommendations, as well as recommended improvements or modifications to the vessel, such as hardening of the vessel and systems, both above and below the waterline.

It takes a lot of hands-on specialized experience to evaluate a vessel that must serve the needs of Preppers while enduring difficult conditions over the long haul. It takes both experience at sea and operating for months on end in remote locations to truly comprehend the demands on any vessel that is engaged in survival-mode. Surveyors with that kind of knowledge are very rare indeed. You’ll even find that many vessel surveyors are not even former or currently licensed U.S.C.G. Merchant Marine Officers. Such Officers have had to pass many qualifications tests and demonstrate their proficiency to the U.S.C.G. And that’s just a start. Subsequent tonnage upgrades and operational platform upgrades are awarded based upon actual field experience. After that, a few captains who have operated in harsh remote locations add additional critical experience that few masters have obtained.  Many sailors/boaters, some of whom may even be surveyors, have sailed long distances only to park their boats in a marina to have it repaired while they check into a luxury hotel when they arrive at their locations….. as opposed to making a long passages in tough conditions and then dropping anchor off a remote uninhabited island for a few weeks or months, and making your own repairs (if needed). And there is a big difference…

 Vessel Deliveries:

There are plenty of vessel delivery captains who are very qualified and experienced at that job, and will make any delivery insurable and at a reasonable cost. The only reason why it would make sense to pay Capt. Bill (he’s not cheap) for such a delivery is that; any such delivery would provide an outstanding opportunity to shake-down a newly acquired boat and observe its characteristics and needs (from an experienced Preppers point of view) and then utilize that additional knowledge in the modification and hardening of the vessel for prepping use.

  Equipment Sourcing And Recommendations:

If you already own a vessel and want to acquire the best equipment (which is never cheap), Capt. Bill is available on an hourly basis (with a minimum retainer) to review your vessel equipment and systems lists, and then make written recommendations for modifications and/or upgrades, and provide the contact information (at the company level) for sourcing and engineering support. In the commercial theater of vessel operations, vessel systems and equipment is used daily for years. In the heavy duty cycle, only best quality equipment lasts, and over time, is actually less expensive to own, since it lasts twice as long as recreational grade equipment. In a survival situation, you don’t want to bet your life on less than the best!  Capt. Bill has decades of experience using all kinds of equipment and systems, and can make recommendations for equipment and systems that will provide you with dependable equipment that will endure.

 Bug-Out and Security Plans:

If you already own a vessel and are interested in developing a survival strategy with a plan of execution and associated tactics, Capt. Bill can provide a personal consultation to determine your objectives and based on your budget and other information that he will collect, design a custom Bug-Out Plan, for you.

Have A Custom Prepper Boat Built!

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