If You Act Like A Terrorist – You Can Expect Government Attention


From time to time, a blogger here or there will post an article designed to grab the attention of Preppers. One such topic includes so-called methods (how-to articles) for staying off the government radar and watch lists. These articles, suggest that people (Preppers) should adapt and utilize certain habits and behaviors that they claim will help keep Preppers off these watch-lists.

Using highly sophisticated social media search algorithms and other data collection methods leveraged across various consumer based technologies (Internet, communications, etc.) our government (and others) collect bits of data which when complied create profiles of people who are engaged in certain activities (behavior patterns) that are consistent with those of potential terrorists and criminals. A profile is used as a starting point for further investigation to determine if in fact there is anything there to worry about.

So when these bloggers suggest that people (Preppers) should follow their advice, and should anyone heed this so-called advice, these bloggers end-up making innocent people ‘subjects of interest’, which is exactly the opposite of what they propose.

Furthermore, the last thing we need to be doing as Americans (Preppers) is diluting the legitimate intelligence gathering efforts on genuine potential terrorists by adding tens of thousands of people to the watch list work-load who aren’t terrorists. When tens of thousands of legitimate people imitate the behavior patterns of terrorists, it makes the job of separating the real terrorists much harder. I guess a logical person might ask the question: what is the agenda of these bloggers? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that their intentions are well meant, and that they are merely reacting to some other uninformed ‘information’ or sensationalism designed to ‘sell’ something, might explain such ill-conceived advice. However, if people take such advice, and start behaving as these bloggers suggest, Preppers will be profiled (sooner or later) as possible terrorists (or criminals) by any government, including the U.S.

What’s that old saying? “If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it might be a duck?  So, should Preppers start ‘acting’ like terrorists and criminals by imitating their behaviors? Absolutely not! My personal advice is to act and live the way you always have; and if you’re not a criminal or a terrorist, then you have nothing to fear.

The reality is that a large percentage of Americans are Preppers (even though they don’t make it known like some of us); these people are: Current or former; military, police, fire, EMS, doctors, dentists, teachers, students, pilots, seamen, loggers, nurses, fishermen, bus drivers, farmers, construction workers, factory workers and government workers (and others); Americans and patriots all, and none of whom are terrorists. The concerned Government agencies are very well aware of these facts. The fact that we have issues on the table now with regard to how, and how much data should be collected by government agencies is something that must be worked out, and is not a consideration herein; that’s a totally separate debate. Nonetheless, we do need to identify and track potential terrorists and that job must be done now, somehow.

Bloggers who suggest that Preppers should engage in various ‘cover-up’ and counter-intelligence activities (short of a full grid-down disaster) aren’t helping anyone with their suggestions, especially Preppers.…IMHO

Cheers! Capt. Bill

Capt. William E. Simpson – USMM

Semper Veritas / Semper Paratus


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