Why Emergency Managers Shouldn’t Alienate Preppers

There is a serious downside to the recent demonizing of preppers in the media, and that downside has a direct effect upon emergency management personnel. Before I go into why that is the case, we need to understand the truth about preppers… READ MORE – CLICK HERE

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Adds National Geographic’s Top ’Prepper’ Capt. William E. Simpson To It’s Team Of Professionals


Capt. William E. Simpson Joins USA EBN As Writer And Content Provider
USA Emergency Broadcasting Network and Capt. William E. Simpson (AKA: ‘Capt. Bill’) have entered into an agreement where USA EBN will Continue reading

Survival In Large-Scale Disaster?


A Sobering Problem – Requiring A Different Approach

Most survival strategies and related tactics today draw upon the methods that worked in much smaller disasters and will likely work to some extent today in similar small scale disasters. However, large-scale (continental-sized disasters) are quite different in many ways. Continue reading

Disaster Communication: Skills & Equipment


Many people have no idea how critically important communication becomes during and immediately following emergencies and natural disasters. As easy as it is to communicate and access the Internet with mobile devices, it’s just as easy for that network to collapse during a disaster, potentially leaving thousands, if not millions, of people in an information blackout  Continue reading

Disaster Preparedness Strategies – Will Yours Work?


Over the past few years Disaster Preparedness (‘prepping’) has become a popular topic. A very large mix of people have begun preaching prepping, all having different motives for promoting their particular views on ‘how to prepare’, which makes it very difficult and confusing for people who are trying to figure-out what to do. Because of this, some people end up doing the wrong things for the right reasons Continue reading

‘Survival Engineering’ And Disaster Preparedness

Capt. Bill Repairing Transmission

If you need it, can you make it? If it breaks, can you fix it?

These are serious questions that require consideration by anyone who believes there are disaster scenarios that could potentially reduce the availability or eliminate access to today’s modern technologies and all the products and services people require on a daily basis. Click Here To Read More…