Naturopathic Medicine For Disaster Preparedness


As I have said in past articles and in radio interviews; I have confidence that Americans can deal with short-term or regional/localized disasters. However, I stand with many of the Governments chosen experts who are for the large part gravely concerned about America’s current inability when it comes to dealing with large-scale, long term disaster… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE…

Living Off The Grid At A Mystery Island!


Capt. Bill negotiating a rocky trail on a remote desert island in the Sea of Cortez (photo by Laura Simpson)

It was a warm January morning in 2010 when my wife Laura and I dropped the Iron Maiden’s anchor in a remote cove on an undisclosed Island in the Sea of Cortez… READ MORE CLICK HERE


The Power To Survive


Imagine for the moment that suddenly you found yourself without any electricity as a result of some local, regional or national disaster. Unless your survival strategy has you immediately defaulting to the use of purely bush-crafts, you will be requiring some of the benefits that are available with electricity… READ MORE – CLICK HERE


Survival In Large-Scale Disaster?


A Sobering Problem – Requiring A Different Approach

Most survival strategies and related tactics today draw upon the methods that worked in much smaller disasters and will likely work to some extent today in similar small scale disasters. However, large-scale (continental-sized disasters) are quite different in many ways. Continue reading

Disaster Communication: Skills & Equipment


Many people have no idea how critically important communication becomes during and immediately following emergencies and natural disasters. As easy as it is to communicate and access the Internet with mobile devices, it’s just as easy for that network to collapse during a disaster, potentially leaving thousands, if not millions, of people in an information blackout  Continue reading

‘Survival Engineering’ And Disaster Preparedness

Capt. Bill Repairing Transmission

If you need it, can you make it? If it breaks, can you fix it?

These are serious questions that require consideration by anyone who believes there are disaster scenarios that could potentially reduce the availability or eliminate access to today’s modern technologies and all the products and services people require on a daily basis. Click Here To Read More…