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Disaster Preparedness – Which Strategy Is Best For Me?


The combination of recent disasters on American soil and a multitude of movies and reality TV shows have finally gotten the attention of many Americans. And now questions are starting to circulate; the most common question I am hearing is… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Are Marauders A Credible Threat To Preppers?


Since the premiere of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers season three episode ‘We are the Marauders’, there has been a lot of discussion on various blogs and even a couple articles addressing Continue reading

Underwater Caches; A Good Idea?


Well, the third season of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers is off and running, and oddly enough, there is a new scoring system format which provides the audience with even less information as to how and why Practical Preppers, LLC (the judges) is making their evaluations of the Preppers who are depicted. My regular readers know Continue reading

Disaster Preparedness – Radiation Exposure And Prophylaxis


It seems that everywhere you look in the media these days, there’s yet another story detailing the threat of radiation from one source or another ranging from Fukushima to solar radiation. Now we are being told by numerous sources that some of our food supply may be affected… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Can Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows Like ‘Doomsday Castle’?

Photo: National Geographic - 'Doomsday Castle'

Photo: National Geographic – ‘Doomsday Castle’

The quick answer is yes; absolutely, if the show is true to its viewership. That said, it can also go horribly wrong; let’s examine why Continue reading

TV Survivalists – How Good Are They Really?


Yesterday, as I was cruising the survival and prepping hashtags, I noticed that Les Stroud is promoting a new reality TV show that he calls ‘SOS- Island’. I looked at the promo-reel for this proposed show with a bit of dismay and disappointment!

Five months ago (April, 2013), Continue reading

Don’t Kill The Good Guys! – Some Snakes Are Good!


Most survivalists and Preppers spend a good deal of time outdoors as do many other Americans. Many people have a healthy fear of snakes, and given the fact that there are several species of venomous snakes that are indigenous to the continental United States, such a fear is not unwarranted. However, given that the vast majority… CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Behavior Modification: The Science Media Companies Use To Alter Our Psychology


Whether we realize it or not, or wish to acknowledge it or not, the news media has a definite affect upon our personal psychology. It also affects our mood, and that in turn affects many other things, including Continue reading