Staying Warm? – Disaster Preparedness Priorities


With autumn upon us and the crisp cold air, we are reminded of one of the basic necessities of life and in survival; staying warm. I could spend a few hundred words writing about various types of garment materials and which have the best thermal properties, etc… but there are larger more important considerations….READ MORE CLICK HERE


Underwater Cache – Part 2 – The Debate


The article ‘Underwater Cache – Great Idea or Prepping Disaster?’ ( has generated a lot of interest, including Mr. Rodney Dial’s responses Continue reading

Can You See? Disaster Preparedness & Corrective Lenses


Without actual experience in long-term off-the-grid survival it’s really tough to figure out what you’ll really need, and what is not so important after all. And there is no substitute for actual experience. From my chair, when it comes to the discussions of survival…


Living Off The Grid At A Mystery Island!


Capt. Bill negotiating a rocky trail on a remote desert island in the Sea of Cortez (photo by Laura Simpson)

It was a warm January morning in 2010 when my wife Laura and I dropped the Iron Maiden’s anchor in a remote cove on an undisclosed Island in the Sea of Cortez… READ MORE CLICK HERE


Can Preppers Benefit From Reality TV Shows Like ‘Doomsday Castle’?

Photo: National Geographic - 'Doomsday Castle'

Photo: National Geographic – ‘Doomsday Castle’

The quick answer is yes; absolutely, if the show is true to its viewership. That said, it can also go horribly wrong; let’s examine why Continue reading

TV Survivalists – How Good Are They Really?


Yesterday, as I was cruising the survival and prepping hashtags, I noticed that Les Stroud is promoting a new reality TV show that he calls ‘SOS- Island’. I looked at the promo-reel for this proposed show with a bit of dismay and disappointment!

Five months ago (April, 2013), Continue reading

Don’t Kill The Good Guys! – Some Snakes Are Good!


Most survivalists and Preppers spend a good deal of time outdoors as do many other Americans. Many people have a healthy fear of snakes, and given the fact that there are several species of venomous snakes that are indigenous to the continental United States, such a fear is not unwarranted. However, given that the vast majority… CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE


On Guard! Protect Yourself & Survive!


It’s very easy to get caught-up and become distracted by all the fun prepping toys. The blogs are choked with articles about guns, knives and survival gear.

However, the single most important consideration in prepping is you! Your health and well being is by far the most important consideration there is in any survival situation… Click Here To Read More