The Nautical Prepper

nautical prepper coverTHE ULTIMATE PLAN FOR OUTFITTING YOUR BOAT AND SAILING AWAY TO SAFETY DURING A DISASTER When a catastrophic disaster strikes, chaos, panic and lawless looting will put one’s land-based shelter and life-saving supplies at risk. Bugging out on a boat is absolutely the best way to keep one’s family mobile, self-sufficient, and safe from harm. .

The Nautical Prepper presents the most innovative and effective way to address all of a family’s needs in any disaster situation such as,

  • fire
  • flood
  • earthquake
  • economic collapse
  • massive electronic grid failure

This revolutionary guide makes it easy for even novice boaters to plan their bug-out boat. With 25 elaborate illustrations, this book provides detailed information on selecting, stockpiling, and sailing a boat, author and veteran U.S. Merchant Marine Captain William E. Simpson also covers critical sailing survival principles and techniques.

This thought-provoking book is packed with plans key to disaster preparation and survival, including mental perspective and morale, accessing and using disaster forecasting tools, and understanding the anatomy and evolution of disasters as well as the strategies and skills needed to survive them.
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The Nautical Prepper

Here is the first book review of The Nautical Prepper by John Wesley Smith the editor of Destiny Survival:


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