What is a Nautical Prepper

What is a Nautical Prepper?

When I first heard the word ‘Prepper’, it was a little over a year ago (August 2011). My wife and I had been out of the States for a few years at sea on a long-range sailing expedition. At first, the word ’Prepper’ made me think of someone attending a preparatory school, akin to the term ‘Preppy‘. Then I come to find out that it’s essentially the new term for a survivalist. I felt like Rip Van Winkle when we arrived back in the U.S. after being away that long, so much had changed, yet so many things had remained the same.

I am going to date myself here, but I don’t feel that bad about doing so because it will be the time-honored old-school methods and skills that will get many Preppers through the dark days that may lay ahead! As just one example of what I say; if the national electrical grid were to fail, Blacksmiths will once again be key professionals in a post apocalyptic world. However, few Blacksmiths remain and that art is nearly a ‘lost art‘.

This poses the question; is there enough time to gather and renew the skills that may be needed if modern technology should fail…?

The scenario where modern civilization fails seems far-fetched at first blush, but then, like the sobering effect of hot coffee, you read the recent documents that are the results of Congressional commissions (EMP and the like) and then it hits you; the realities of what we are potentially facing are monumental in scope and breadth. These realities embody what most people fear the most; the total collapse of the technologies and infrastructure of the 21st century, and the plunge of all society back into an 18th century world.

So what is a Nautical Prepper?


“Any Prepper who has adopted the skill sets and equipment of an expedition sailor coupled with the use of a suitable boat as a mobile shelter, and utilizing those skills, equipment and boat to be in a position to survive long-term under a variety of adverse conditions that may result from various disasters“ – Capt. William E. Simpson – USMM

Expedition sailors such as myself who have planned and carried-out long-range voyages to distant and remote locations have actually lived ‘bugged-out’ and off the grid long-term as a matter of normal operations.

So as it turns out, I am not just a Prepper, I am actually a ‘Nautical Prepper‘. ‘Nautical Prepping’ is a new discipline and is the subject of my new book; The Nautical Prepper (Ulysses Press). By combining the existing disciplines of Prepping and Expedition Sailing into a new paradigm, which I have termed ‘Nautical Prepping’ I have created an alternative survival paradigm that offers many unequalled strategic and tactical advantages for Preppers.

Fair Winds & Seas!
Capt. Bill

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